Software Engineer

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Experience in the area of software development, focused on the analysis, planning, development, and implementation of digital projects

Alisson Bagnara

My history and career

My history and career started in 2011, with the beginning of my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at UNIVALI - Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, and the first commercial opportunity to work with software development. Since then, I have accumulated experience in the area of software development, focused on the analysis, planning, and coding of digital projects for different market niches. Throughout my career, I have been focused on development using the programming languages PHP and JavaScript.

After gaining commercial experience, I founded the company called Volm: internet solutions, focused on developing custom websites and systems. I was responsible for the company's strategic and technical management, as well as for understanding and collecting customer requirements, and participating in the entire lifecycle of projects. In 2019, I ended the company's activities in order to move to Dublin, Ireland, to pursue an ambitious dream: living and working abroad.

I have a huge passion for knowledge, always looking for new technologies and content to expand my horizons because I believe that a software engineer must overcome technology barriers. I am currently improving my knowledge in PHP and JavaScript, and studying Webpack, TypeScript, Babel, Node.js, React, and React Native. The next step will be to study Next.js and Prisma. I also enjoy reading technical content, travelling to different places, listening to music and podcasts, and watching series and movies.

Services that can help you

Services performed with quality make all the difference in the growth of your business, helping you to achieve your goals and overcome market challenges. Below are services that can help you:


Professional development and maintenance of projects (websites and systems).


Planning and development of customized websites for a unique digital presence.


Planning and development of customized systems, optimizing your daily operations.


Consulting focused on helping you and your team to make correct technical decisions.

Alisson Bagnara
Alisson Bagnara